Right now the former CO-OP car park in the town centre is free 24/7

List of Car Parks

Orchard Car Park | Parking In Seaton

Charge at Orchard Car Park Seaton
This could be considered the "Town Centre" car park and is actually situated away from the area known as Underfleet where most fo the car parks are.
Finding is is actually more difficult than all the other car parks in Seaton, but that said it can be busy.

 Co-Op | Parking In Seaton

Foremr Co Op Parking Prices
This car park is for the Co-Op In Seaton.
It is also handy for the town centre and you do not have to shop at the Co-Op to use it.
Free parking for one hour, £1 for a second hour. Cash only.

Tesco | Parking in Seaton

Seaton Car Park | Underfleet West
This car park is for the large Tesco supermarket in Seaton.
There is a CCTV camera that takes a photograph your registration plate on entry and exit.
Free parking for customers for up to two hours

Esplanade | Parking In Seaton

Co Op Parking Prices
Technically not a Car Park, so you will find this space to park missed off various other web sites offering parking advice.

Frankly, for a period of up to four hours (maximum), this is probably the best place to park if you want to spend some time on the beach, as it is actually right there on the sea front. Free in the "Winter"

Seaton Jurrasic | Parking in Seaton

Seaton Jurassic Car Park
This car park is what could be deemed as Seaton's "Main" long stay car park.

Parking is always charged for and after you pay for six hours the remaining period up to 24 hours is "Free".  Motorcycle parking is free in the designated area.  
It can be found along the road called "Underfleet" near the tram station. Also near town centre and seafront. Popular with tourists.

Town Hall  | Seaton Parking

Seaton Town Hall Car Park Sign
This small car park may be found by turning off The Underfleet as if you were going to the Co Op and then almost immediately turning right up a steep curved slope. The car park is on your right at the top of the ramp. It has just 20 spaces.

Underfleet Private Car Park Seaton

Underfleet Private Car Park Prices
This car park is unusual as it is privately owned and not linked to either a supermarket or East Devon District Council. That does not mean you cannot park here, you certainly can, and indeed it could be your cheapest option depending on how long you are staying. See the image for the latest tariff (2020).

No free parking at any time, camera controlled.

Underfleet West Car Park Seaton

Seaton Car Park | Underfleet West
Closed except during the height of summer.

This is just off The Underfleet and is deemed a Long Stay car park. It is actually only open during "Peak Periods" when other car parks may be busy. Handy for the tramway, the town and seafront. Popular when open in the summer.

Book cheap Parking In Seaton 

Seaton Car Park | Underfleet West
You can pre-book cheaper parking at Tesco or Premier Inn here.

Park for as little as £2 (Correct 2021) for a whole day by pre-booking from this page here


Right now the former CO-OP car park in the town centre is free 24/7