Right now the former CO-OP car park in the town centre is free 24/7

Seaton (Former) Co-Op Car Park

  • This Car Park can be found off The Underfleet and serves both the town and adjacent (but now closed) Co-Op.
  • It a post code of EX12 2PQ
  • Maximum stay is 24 hours and it is FREE!!

  • There appear to be no options to pay (Correct June 2022)
  • Payment is not required 

Seaton Former Co Op Car Park | Parking In Seaton

Foremr Co Op Parking Prices
Correct June 2022

All machines and signs removed parking is Free 24/7 at the moment

It has around 125 spaces including on the road running up to it by the side of the store. 

Seaton Former Co-Op Customer Car Park

Co Op Parking Ticket Machine
There appears to be no option to pay by card or phone.

The car park was mentioned on the Horizon Car Park web site here however all signs in the car park itself have gone

Parking In Seaton at the Former Co - Op car park

Co Op Car Park Seaton
This car park is, unsurprisingly, was the car park for the large Co-Op supermarket in Seaton. The store has now closed down.

To find it from Underfleet turn off at the roundabout towards the bottom of the road just after the main car and opposite the (closed?) Jurrasic Centre. 
After turning keep straight ahead and you will see spaces to your left and right and then the main car park ahead.

There is no camera monitering use, just a warden who comes around from time to time.