Seaton Esplanade Car Parking

  • This car park is not actually a car park as such, it is on street parking.
  • The post code is  EX12 2NP
  • You can park for a maximum of four hours
  • Free parking after 6pm.
  • Parking is free 24/7 from 1st November to 31st March.
  • You must enter the last three digits from your number plate to get a ticket
  • You can use the RingGo App to pay to park, location code 30345

Seaton Esplanade | Charges

See signs locally for esplanade parking but it is limited to a maximum of four hours

Seaton Esplanade | Parking in Seaton

Looking along the Esplanade
Technically not a Car Park, so you will find this space to park missed off various other web sites offering parking advice.  Frankly, for a period of up to four hours (maximum), this is probably the best place to park if you want to spend some time on the beach, as it is actually right there on the sea front.

Seaton Esplanade Parking

Seaton Esplanade Car Parking
Parking is cheaper for the first hour than most other places to park in Seaton and then is rises to the usual £1 per hour for the first four hours and then, well that is your lot. You cannot stay beyond four hours on the Esplanade. 

However, parking is free after 6pm here, so you can park here for a night out in town and not have to pay, and it is really only an easy 5 minute walk from the town end to get to some of the pubs and restaurants etc. 

Paying to Park At Seaton Esplanade

Enter your regestration number

Unusually for the car parks of Seaton you have to enter part of your registration number in order to buy your ticket, in the other car parks in Seaton you do not have to do this (correct at the time of writing). So read carefully all the instructions on the machine.

There are around 120 spaces on the front excluding the one way section which is mainly for those with Blue Badges although there are some general parking spots near the roundabout. Make sure you park in the correct spaces and pay accordingly.

parking on Seaton Esplanade

Parking restrictions on Seaton Esplanade
When it is busy it is interesting trying to spot a space if you head down the road from the "Axmouth" end and you will pass them before you see them!

Parking here is free and unrestricted from 1st November to 31st March. 

To find this parking area from the bottom end of The Underfleet turn left at the roundabout towards Axmouth and then first right. 

Parking overnight and sleeping in a camper van (etc.) is not permitted, although it has to be said that people do flout this rule.

If you are one of those flouting the rules please do not empty chemical toilets down the drains as they probably go straight out the the sea somewhere and use the public toilets in town and do not sneak in to any of those businesses locally that might have them for their customers as if you do you might just expect a visit from a traffic warden.