Seaton Car Park | Tesco Car Park, Seaton

  • This car park is for shoppers using the large Tesco in Seaton.
  • Tesco's Seaton Car Park has a post code of EX12 2PB
  • You can park free for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • There are CCTV cameras that record your entry and exit.
  • You are able to walk from here past the tramway to the town centre.
  • No overnight parking.
  • A better postcode to pop in your sat-nav is EX12 2NA as EX12 2PB covers a large area more towards the town centre.
  • There is a Premier Inn at the side of the entrance road to the car park.


Tesco Seaton Car Park
This car park is for the large Tesco supermarket in Seaton.

There is a CCTV camera that takes a photograph your registration plate on entry and exit.

Parking is free for up to two hours maximum, there is no option to pay and extend your parking period beyond this and, of course, you should spend some money in the store.

The post code for the car park is EX12 2PB
Tesco Car Park Camera
Quite a few locals park here to pop in to town as it is only a five minute walk past the store and tramway station in to the town.  It is assumed that these people also pop in to Tesco.

The car park is large and seldom packed.

You are advised not to stop beyond the two hour limit and certainly not to use it for parking for an evening in town as the store itself is open until midnight.

See below for regulations and restrictions, click image left to enlarge. 

Tesco Car Parking Fine Warning
Tesco Parking spaces
Tesco Car Park Entrance