Seaton Car Park | Underfleet West Car Park

  • This Car Park can be found off The Underfleet close to the Tramway.
  • The Car Park has a post code of EX12 2WD
  • It is deemed Long Stay and charges apply 24/7 every day 
  • This Car Park is only open during "Peak Periods"
  • Motorcycle parking is free in designated area.
  • ParkMobile code 2965


Seaton Car Park | Underfleet West
This is just off The Underfleet and is deemed a Long Stay car park. It is actually only open during "Peak Periods" when other car parks may be busy.

Parking is always charged but if you pay up to the maximum quoted then after you pay for six hours the rest of the day is "Free".

This car park has 68 spaces

Motorcycle Parking is free in the designated area.

The post code for the car park is EX12 2WD

Underfleet West Car Park Tariff
The car park is really only ever open at times when the other car parks in Seaton could be full, so during the main school holiday periods by example.

Being closed for a large part of the year means that weeds can grow in it making the defined spaces hard to see.

Map of Seaton at Underfleet West Car Park

At this car park there is a map showing you where the local attractions are. It is one of the most convenient places to park in the town and handy for the shops, Seaton Jurrasic and The Seaton Tramway. All are less than a five minute walk away and it is less than a ten minute walk to the coast.

Underfleet West Car Park Space Markings

Although not east to see there are markings designating the parking spaces and you should always park correctly or you may get fined.

You may not stay in campers overnight but they can be parked in here during the day. 

Below are some pictures showing general views of this car park.

Underfleet West Car Park general view
A general view of the Underfleet West Car Park
Underfleet West Car Park Entrance